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you know what’s funny…? an average man will read a woman’s writing until she fucks him. then the words aren’t her soul anymore. well, they are but not to him.

does this happen with lesbians? I’m thinking I should switch teams. (via cephalopoet)

ding: the lesson is, don’t bed readers, just other writers.

(via cephalopoet)

I promise, I have no intention of fucking the female poets I read.  They are like my sisters.  Whether I am attracted to them or not, I could not make love to them.   …But I do like and agree with your post for the most part.  I’m not blind.  I see that it’s such a common thing for a man to lose interest, as much as it boggles my mind and breaks my heart…

Text 26 Aug 8/26/14 dream

I woke up from a dream this morning where I was walking through downtown disney (Anaheim) and all the lights were red.  It was night time, and Postmortem by Slayer was playing on all the speakers.  It wasn’t a nightmare.  No one was dying or even hurt or anything, they were just playing Slayer was all, and all the lights were red.  It was awesome.  But right when it was supposed to start playing Raining Blood, I woke up.  A fucking fly buzzing in my face woke me up… 

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Built myself a pull up bar.  Been wanting one for awhile, and now I have one.  Have a lovely day!

Text 26 Aug 2 notes gatorade

With every bottle I’d ever drank,

I was always disappointed that I 

was never able to sweat out

the pretty colors that

the athletes in the commercials would.


Fuck you gatorade!

I’m done with your lies.

I’m not crawling back to you anymore!

I have self respect!


Unless you get mixed with vodka…

I might lower my standards for that…

I will, I’ll absolutely lower my standards again.



I always come back to you.

You’re a bitch.  

You’re a dumb bitch gatorade and you play dirty but fuck

I just can’t quit you.

Link 25 Aug 11 notes Black dogs»


Black dogs




The light has stopped working. I am left

to the moon in her tidal deadpan; to the moon

and her strange zoological shadows. Today is

a bad day, every word is an edge. I watch

documentaries on my laptop: the rendered image

is an estuary, flooded / imperfect green….

ii is my favorite.  It made my eyes water, just a bit.

Text 25 Aug 4 notes Tragedy



desperately seeking to find…



something beautiful,

no colors, 

graphite sketch,

pulsing in my mind…


If only I could just…


I turn the light on,

I turn them all on,

the frantic search continues.



Where is my…

It has to be here…

It must be somewhere…


I open the first drawer,


Second drawer,

unsharpened pencils…

Third drawer, alas,

tools and supplies!


I brush aside erasers,

cast paperclips out the window,

but the drawer is stuck!


I need this lead sharpened.


I shove my hand in,

feel with a shaking palm

and yes!

I smile as I clutch the boxy Item I’m about to

shove my broken pencil into!


I yank my arm out, busting my desk drawer,

(ecstatic at the thought of momentarily

sketching the best fucking sketch I’ve ever sketched)

and with a bloody and splintered wrist,

a heaving chest,

a sweaty brow over gleaming eyes

did I hold in my trembling hand not a pencil sharpener,

but a fucking box of condoms…


Disappointment on two accounts.

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Delicious peach salsa. Lagunitas imperial stout, and all my books. Ive got to get reading…

Text 24 Aug 2 notes If I had a license to do so…

I would put all my hard earned money into tracking down rapists and human traffickers across the world to beat them until the blood from my own knuckles stained their skin.

Text 24 Aug 2 notes Desires

It’s only when you desire something,

or someone, rather,

does time pass like ice melting at zero degree temperatures.


Desire shouldn’t be something you’d feel bad about,

yet I feel something that is other than good.


"Why am I fucking this up,

and who am I kidding?”


Those are the lies I am used to,

but I’m past that,

I’m better than that.


I’m a human,

a man,

a wonderful person

with a beautiful heart.

I love genuinely,

I give freely,

I sin but

I am good.


But as of right now,

I have desires,

so I venture down now,

to the darker depths of my own heart.

Text 24 Aug 3 notes

Tequila - the ex girlfriend you’d find me in bed with after the break up

Text 24 Aug 2 notes Friday, My Friday


Friday night,

my Friday night,

your shitty Sunday night I’m assuming.


I’m sorry,

you probably work tomorrow,

but well, 

I don’t.


I looked forward to camping.

To driving and to camping.

To driving and to drinking and to sitting in front of a fire and

to camping.


But tonight,

on my couch,

in this pair of unwashed jeans,

writing about how I didn’t go camping,

well, is quite alright.


Ale has become my motive,

and I’m passed the halfway point 

of such a tall, tall bottle,

and yet I am no less in love with the young lady I’ve thought of all day.



my Friday.

Use the booze,

let me dream a good dream.

Text 24 Aug

acidtripper666 reblogged your post and added:

Why would you write a poem to Dee?

Why not?

Text 23 Aug 11 notes Long Dark Hair

Perhaps I wont win you.
I do give a shit about that.


Not all the shits I possess, 

but one very good shit, yes.


You’ve got an amazing heart.

Don’t care that you smoke,

that you sling pies for a living,

that you’re younger than me,

I just like that heart,

that simple show of affection you

unintentionally gave.


You’re also very attractive, and no,

I don’t think your feet are weird.


I wont give up on this,

and I wont quit sending you my smile.


The kindness I share,

is because I am kind.

Everything else,

is because you’re undeniably attractive,

is because your voice is soothing,

is because I could get lost deeper in your eyes

than I could the Ardennes.  


Take my hand and

let in the words falling from my lips,

dying like leaves from autumn branches.


There will only be so many.

I could smile,

and kiss you,

and say to you goodnight,

without a cold feeling of sorrow or remorse.


I could smile,

and kiss you,

and say to you good morning,

feeling your heartbeat,

and the warmth of your skin resonating against my own.


I could smile and kiss you,

and I could repeat this,

over and over,

again and again,

never tire,

never question,

just accepting how lucky

how blessed I’d be

with your hand under mine.


How lucky I’d be yes,

with you not in front of

or in back of

but with you my darling,

with you by my side.

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Why does this have to happen to such an innocent child? Why can I see everything in this world, but my baby can’t? Why do I have to watch him go from not seeing at all to having minimal vision to amazing vision to nothing. Why do my eyes get to work the right way and his don’t? He’s so little.

My heart is broken for him, and for you in a different way.  Continue to love him, and never give up or let go of the hope that life could be something beautiful for him.  I’d say you’re an incredible blessing in his life.  

Just seeing him smile and hearing him laugh after having his hand licked by the cat was evidence that happiness along with a beautiful soul lives inside his little body.  You gave him that moment.

via lol..
Text 22 Aug Two Doors

You wake up at 3am.

You Get out of bed, and there are two closed doors in the middle of your bedroom.  You have to choose a door to open.  One door will show you what the afterlife looks like.  One door will show you what the lowest depths of the ocean and what inhabits it.  

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